As enterprise software systems continue to evolve, the market for these technologies is becoming more and more saturated, making it harder to choose the right vendor. The MACH Alliance is here to “help companies take advantage of the most innovative and flexible enterprise technologies available.” Over the years, Tahzoo has used MACH architecture to develop tailored solutions that solve customer experience (CX) business problems.

The MACH Alliance was created by a collection of private technology companies to keep up with the rapidly evolving software market, given the fast pace at which software ecosystems need to operate at. The acronym describes the four key principles that encompass modern technology: microservices, API-first, cloud-nativity, and headless infrastructure.

Microservices: describes independent components, each operating on its own and interacting with others through API interfaces. This allows teams to deploy, change, and improve separate software parts without disrupting the entire system.

Application programming interface: enables different software components to interact with other services or products easily and quickly, thereby simplifying software development and reducing effort and time investments.

Cloud-native: can be leveraged as a public, private, or hybrid cloud, allowing teams to develop solutions in dynamic environments and quickly scale the required computing resources when needed.

Headless architecture: allows companies to remove their default front-end system that would define how content is presented to end users. Instead, it utilizes APIs that are connected to multiple external delivery environments.

By combining these four MACH features, Tahzoo delivers solutions that allow businesses to keep pace with new, rapidly evolving technologies. Contentstack is a leading actor in the MACH Alliance, offering one of the top agile content management systems (CMS) on the market. Below is a visualization they created that portrays how different elements of MACH collaborate to enable the agility and functionality that modern businesses require.

MACH Sourced from ContentStack

For more information about MACH architecture or to learn if a MACH solution is right for your business, contact Tahzoo today. It's time to deliver your content at MACH speed!