Since 1971, Starbucks has expanded to over 33,000 locations worldwide. Their tremendous growth, coupled with the rise of e-commerce, introduced a series of user experience challenges. Starbucks needed a way for authors in Seattle to control content outputs on the live digital billboards on doors, pipes, and walls.

Starbucks Starbucks
Serving up content

To help Starbucks advance their digital transformation, we started with the design and deployment of a global content hub. This system enabled Starbucks to publish centrally sourced and managed content to any store, any location, and on any device. These included the Starbucks IoT-based features in-store and most importantly, the Starbucks Rewards app, responsible for billions of dollars in ecommerce revenue each year.


What really separated us from all the other companies is there was an ethos about us–an ethos about great customer experiences.

Barista Support

After enabling the global sharing and reuse of Starbucks content and assets, we worked with Starbucks to develop a new Partner Knowledge Portal to revolutionize the way individual employees at all levels in the organization could access the content they needed to do their job.

Reenergizing the experience

We launched a new set of content governance, workflow, and process flows to support the implementation of Starbuck’s new global content hub. With these new publishing capabilities in place, Starbucks was able to initiate a series of customer experience programs to optimize and enhance their consumer’s digital experience, drive brand equity, and provide for brand compliance worldwide.