Boston Consulting Group understood that nurturing trust among clients was the cornerstone to their business success. To strengthen those relationships online, BCG needed to digitally transform touchpoints across the customer journey.

Scope of Services: Experience Design / Creative Direction / Content Strategy / Design Thinking / Information Architecture / Data Analysis

360° view of the customer

To support client acquisition, retention, and recruiting efforts, we began by analyzing the digital behavior of BCG targeted segments. Our team compiled, curated, and analyzed data to find new ways to optimize engagement and personalize the delivery of digital content.


Working with this big consulting company made us think differently... how do we bring a level of rigor and discipline not just to our technology, but to the quality of our strategy and creative solutions?

Brick by brick

Behind every personalized experience is a global content hub. Our architects built and deployed a content management system capable of dispensing relevant content to the end user. Together with the UX/UI team, we built a new website with a fresh design that upheld the BCG brand while delivering a personalized experience.

Connecting the Dots

We pulled together vendors and components to create a fully integrated digital experience platform: CMS, data, analytics, and marketing automation. The result? An elevated BCG website that optimized operational efficiencies, improved time-to-publish, and delighted clients.